Arena for Interaction and Innovation

Visual Arena Lindholmen is a neutral environment to support innovative development projects through the use of visualization. We run visualization networks, offer interactive meeting places and can demonstrate the latest visualization technology at our studio at Lindholmen Science Park.

The overall aim of Visual Arena is to enhance visualization as an area by highlighting new and sometimes unexpected applications where visualization can become a tool to show complex relationships or how technology can be used in education.

The vision is also to create a world-class visualization environment that offers academia, industry and public sector a common arena for interaction and innovation.

What we offer

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We have a unique network and broad expertise in the area of ​​visualization. Visualization is used today in many different industries such as in health care, urban planning, and computer science.

Visual Arena Members network

Visual Arena Member is a network for all who have an interest in visualization. Membership gives you a discounted rate when booking at our facilities and technology.

Development projects

Visual Arena offers a platform for research and development projects within ​​visualization. We initiate and run projects with industry, academia and public sector.

Creative meeting place

Visual Arena offers a unique and multi-faceted meeting place. The technology in our studio supports nnovative and dynamic projects. Our lobby is a creative environment where you're welcome to take a spontaneous meeting or arrange an innovative workshop. We also have an open and lively office environment where you can reserve a desk for shorter or longer periods. With your workspace at Visual Arena you also get access to our studio and other technologies.

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Visual Arena Lindholmen has been developed in close collaboration between industry, academia and public sector and is now run as a programme within Lindholmen Science Park.

Founding partners of the arena is the City of Gothenburg, Chalmers, University of Gothenburg, Region Västragötaland and Business Region Göteborg.

Steering Group for Visual Arena Lindholmen

The Steering Group for Visual Arena Lindholmen currently consists of the following members:

  • Niklas Wahlberg, Lindholmen Science Park AB, Chair
  • Eric Jeansson, City Planning, City of Göteborg
  • Monica Billger, Visualization & Architecture, Chalmers
  • Staffan Björk, Interaction Design, University of Gothenburg
  • Andreas Göthberg, Business Region Göteborg
  • Staffan Truvé, Recorded Future
  • Frederick Mueller, Qualisys
  • Jörg Niermann, Dassault
  • Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University
  • Mia Leterius, Lindholmen Science Park AB